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How to Stand Out in a Sea of Ticket Brokers

September 16, 2013

If you search for the word “tickets” on eBay right this second, you’ll receive 504,851 results. That’s half a million listings, being sold by hundreds of online ticket brokers. When I first started learning how to become a ticket broker, I knew my competition was fierce. I was a newbie and these sellers were weathered […]

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How “Row F” Tickets Could Be the Best Seats in the House

January 25, 2011

Even after being in this business for so long and really learning how to be a ticket broker, I still find myself in situations that are completely unexpected. Ticket brokering is a very learnable and masterable business, but you always have to keep your eyes open because there are so many variables to take into […]

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How to Know Which Tickets Will Sell for Profit (And Which Ones Won’t)

November 17, 2010

One of the most common questions I get is, “How do I know which tickets to buy? Which tickets will make money?” It’s a good question, and one that took me months to figure out how to answer. I mean, it seems impossible to tell at first. Will fans really be amped up for that […]

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Ticket Brokers vs. Ticket Scalpers

November 14, 2010

People who buy and sell tickets for profit are given many names: some call us ticket brokers, ticket agents, ticket resellers, and to some, we’re just ticket scalpers. Ticket broker? Cool, I kind of like that. Sounds professional. Ticket reseller? Not as cool, but hey, it’s not too bad. Ticket scalper? Yuck. There’s a lot […]

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How One Click to My eBay Listing Made Me $989.99

November 10, 2010

On March 15, 2010, I had one of my greatest ticket pulls as a ticket broker. Just a few seconds after pulling front row seats to a Tom Petty show at Madison Square Garden, I pulled two more second row seats for that same show. Pulls of a lifetime, for sure, but knowing the techniques […]

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Why You Don’t Need an eBay Store to Make Money Selling Tickets

November 8, 2010

One of my biggest tips for anyone who is just starting to learn how to become a ticket broker is that they should learn as much as they can from those who are already successful in the ticket resale industry. And sure enough, if you look on eBay for the top ticket brokers right now, […]

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Is Ticket Brokering Ethical?

November 7, 2010

Throughout my experience as a ticket broker, I’ve had a lot of practice answering the question “So, what do you do?” I tell them about my business, trying to stay away from phrases with a negative connotation–“ticket scalping,” just to name one. I tell people that I buy tickets online and sell them for a […]

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The Best Way to Ship Your Tickets on eBay

November 6, 2010

When you first start to sell tickets on eBay, you might not know of all the different ways you can ship your tickets to your buyers. Unlike StubHub, eBay lets you ship your tickets any which way you want, as long as you inform the buyer beforehand. The most popular ways to send your tickets […]

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Ticket Broker “Secrets”: Are they for real?

November 1, 2010

If you look around the internet for information on ticket brokering, you’re bound to find people claiming to have “insider knowledge” on buying tickets off of Ticketmaster. They’ll advertise ticket broker “secrets” and charge you good money to reveal what they know. They know you don’t have any insider knowledge–why else would you land on […]

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When “Best Available” tickets aren’t your best option

October 31, 2010

So it’s 9:59 AM, you’re sitting in front of the Ticketmaster on-sale screen, watching the seconds count down to 10:00 AM, waiting for tickets to be released. You know you want to buy 2 tickets, but you’re not sure which section you’d like them to be in: General Admission or Reserved? Floor or Mezzanine? 9 […]

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